How to Make Cannabutter

How To Make CannaButter

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What is Cannabutter?

Ah, cannabutter - the culinary cornerstone of cannabis cuisine, a delightful amalgamation of butter and, you guessed it, cannabis.

It's like the dynamic duo of the baking world, primarily starring in the high-flying roles of cookie and brownie production. The art of crafting this botanical butter is akin to a home science experiment, one that's becoming increasingly popular to try at home.

The Science behind Cannabutter

Stick of Cannabutter

So, let's talk science for a bit. Cannabis is chock-full of these compounds called cannabinoids, with the most famous duo being THC and CBD. THC is the life of the party, responsible for the 'high,' while CBD is more like the designated driver – significant but not intoxicating. Depending on whether you're hosting a wild soirée or a mellow hangout, your cannabutter can be customized to include just CBD, or both CBD and THC.

What's the beauty of cannabutter, you ask? Its versatility! It's the Swiss Army knife of the culinary cannabis world. Whether you're whipping up a batch of grandma's secret brownie recipe, adding a twist to your favorite pasta, or getting adventurous with sauces, cannabutter slides right in, replacing your regular, mundane butter.

1/ Decarboxylation

The creation of this botanical butter begins with a process called decarboxylation – a fancy word for describing the 'activation of THC. within the cannabis flower or thca diamond' It sounds like something out of a chemistry lab, but it's surprisingly simple. We go into detail about how to decarb in our article - How to Decarb THCA Flower or Diamonds - Follow this process for all cannabis strains to get the most potent cannabutter.

2/ Infusion (Making Cannabutter)

Infusion of the butter comes next - a slow dance between butter and cannabis, melding their essences over a few hours.

Easiest Cannabutter Recipe

By far the simplest cannabutter recipe we can recommend is explained brilliantly by Cody Lindsay of the Wellness Soldier...

How easy is that, he even shows how to make infused flower!

Making cannabutter from THCa Diamonds or other Isolates

No need for a video to do this, simply melt your butter in a saucepan, add the isolate and stir to mix - No need for hours of perculation or straining, just mix it in :)

stoned on brownies

A word to the wise, though: cannabutter is like that friend who tells you to 'hold my drink' and then does a backflip. In other words, it packs more punch than other forms of cannabis because of how the body processes it. So, if you're new to the cannabutter scene, start with just a smidge and wait an hour before you decide if you're up for round two.

To sum it all up, cannabutter is the star ingredient in the world of cannabis edibles. Whether it's dressed in CBD, THC, or both, it’s as versatile as it is potent, ready to jazz up everything from your sweet treats to your savory masterpieces.










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